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-----Original Message----- From: Sent: To: [email protected] Subject: INFORMATION FOR NSW NAVAL ASSOCIATION MEMBERS Greetings All, This signal comes from NSW Secretary providing information of general interest to all members. Please note that he has asked for some specific info (highlighted by me). Please send such info to me which I will collate and FWD to NSW Section office.   From: nswsecretary <[email protected]> Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2024 9:56 AM To: [email protected] Subject: INFORMATION FOR NSW NAVAL ASSOCIATION MEMBERS   Folks,   The attached document and the details below are forwarded for the information of NAA members.   White Ensign Magazine (WEM) - the most recent edition of the WEM (Blue Watch Issue 23/3) has been published. Hard copies have been posted to members and the digital version is on the NAA website. If you or any of your Sub-Section members who have nominated to receive a printed copy by post have not received the latest edition, can you please provide me with the names of those folk who did not receive it? I can check the Membership Register to determine if their preference for a hard copy is recorded, and I can liaise with the National Membership Registrar to ensure they are on the mailing list for the WEM.   DVA MATES program - Some NAA members might be aware that a legal firm is launching an investigation for a potential class action lawsuit against DVA. This is in relation to a supposed significant breach of privacy regarding sensitive medical and personal information of up to 300,000 veterans and their families. This information was shared with the University of SA as part of the DVA Medical Advice and Therapeutics Education Services (MATES) Program - which has been shut down. In response to this potential legal action, the Secretary of DVA, Ms Alison Frame, has published a statement on this matter (which is attached to this email). All members are encouraged to read this statement.   2024 ANZAC Day Sydney March and Battle of Coral Sea Service - you will be aware that I have 'plugged' these events before, but now that your Sub-Sections are resuming regular meetings and communications, I request that you ask members if they wish to attend two upcoming events:
  • The ANZAC Day March in Sydney's CBD - the NAA NSW Section will have its own contingent in this activity.
  • The Battle of the Coral Sea Commemorative Service, to be held at the Cenotaph, Martin Place Sydney on Wednesday 8 May, commencing at 1045. The NSW Executive conducts this solemn service.
  Can you please let me know if individual members or Sub-Section groups intend to attend either of these events, or if you need more information?   Regards, Bruce Kafer Secretary / Membership Registrar NSW Section Naval Association of Australia 0439 784 088 nswsecre[email protected] 14 February 2024
Date: 02/23/2024
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