Dear Fellow members and Friends,

It is with deep regret and a sense of personal loss that I must advise of the passing of Robin yesterday morning following a heart attack.

Robin was a Naval Association mainstay for many years fulfilling a number of executive roles at state and sub-section levels.

I will miss his calm presence, good counsel and cheeky smile.

Bruce Richens has passed condolences on behalf of Parramatta Memorial subSection to Marie and family

Funeral arrangements will be circulated when available.

Rest in Peace, Robin,

may you have fair winds and following seas.

Michael Kielty


0421 314 429

Parramatta Memorial Sub Section

Naval Association of Australia

[email protected]

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General Mtg held on 07April

Greetings All,
This signal is an informal report on several important points made at the General Mtg held on 07April and does not take the place of formal Minutes (which will be attached in the usual manner to a Notice of May General Mtg).

Please read on . . . . . .
Points covered by this signal are:
the outcomes of two Motions put to the April meeting, a proposed mid-year members’ lunch and a note about challenge coins.

The Motions:
(which were discussed at many meetings since mid-2023) were to change the frequency and in particular the day ‘pon which meetings will be held starting with May 2024.
As previously discussed at length, objectives of the Motions were to maintain the current number of meetings per year whilst introducing variety into subSection activities.
Both Motions were carried unanimously and changes applied from the end of that meeting:
* Meetings to be held on 4th Sunday of each month (not the 1st Sunday as has been the practice) and will morph into a mix of ‘formal’ & ‘informal’ meetings with members kept informed of intentions of next meetings.
* The number of ‘formal’ meetings ,ie, with Agenda, Minutes & Treasurer’s Report be reduced from 11 times per year to four times per year as is allowed by NAA Constitution; these will be held each February, May, August and October (AGM date TBA); content of the seven ‘informal’ meetings will be determined by members and expected to include visiting speakers, online or live presentations, organised outings (especially to places of Naval significance) or social event(s).

Please remember that these plans are new to us and actual outcomes will unfold over subsequent meetings; input from members is critical to the success of these new arrangements.
* AGM date for 2025 is likely to be 23FEB25 and will be confirmed in September.

This will be an election AGM and all Executive Committee positions will be declared open and nominations called for.
A full list of responsibilities for key positions will be distributed before nominations are due. Proposed mid-Year Members Lunch:

This will be a gathering aimed at promoting well-being, fostering team spirit and providing an opportunity to connect with fellow members and their partners.

It has been previously determined that subSection funds will pay for this important event.

* Venue already suggested is Merrylands RSL who have looked after us on a number of occasions without the drama we’ve experienced at Club Parramatta. Unless there are sufficient alternatives suggested, we can assume Merrylands Sage Restaurant is to be the venue.

* Member feedback to date indicates a live target date of Sunday 23June. This is also the date of the new June informal meeting date. Please advise Hon Sec if this date does or does not work for you. If you can’t make that date, please suggest an alternative. Remember that your partner and/or carer is also invited, so be sure to let Hon Sec know if you will be accompanied.

* Date to be determined when sufficient responses have been collated. Hon Sec will hammer out a suitable date before sending that around for final comment/tweaking. Please don’t wait longer than is necessary.

Challenge Coins: This matter was also discussed at several meetings. Some coins were issued at April mtg, others sent by mail to those who were unable to attend the meeting but had pre-paid. Some members have asked for more coins; more are available – please let Hon Sec know if you are awaiting your ordered coin or how many extras you want.

Price per coin remains at $5.
Yours aye,
0421 314 429
Parramatta Memorial Sub Section Naval Association of Australia
[email protected]

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Greetings All,

Please read through the request in this signal.

We all enjoy White Ensign Magazine, so pse comment. Members may or may not be aware that the single most expensive item provided for members is White Ensign Magazine. No comment is irrelevant, so pse say what you think about the journal – the sooner the better.

Comments to me – they will be consolidated and presented by your Delegate at the next NSW QGM.

Yours Aye, MK

Hon Sec


From: nswsecretary
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2024 8:46 AM


You will see in the email below from NSW Section President Keith Grimley that he is keen to obtain advice from NSW’s NAA members on the current contents, format and overall value of the White Ensign Magazine (WEM).

This will a topic of discussion at the NSW Council QGM on 4 May, therefore I request that it be raised at forthcoming Sub-Section meetings so that delegates to the NSW Council can provide feedback directly from their Sub-Section members.

Alternatively, for Sub-Sections that do not routinely have a presence at QGMs, and for members of the Sydney/Country Sub-Section, I ask that you provide comments to me. I will ensure that they are included in the feedback provided at the QGM.


Bruce Kafer

Secretary – NSW Section

Naval Association of Australia

0439 784 088

[email protected]

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Greetings All,

A matter of general interest deserving of wide support. Even if you’ve not been a submariner, it’s a shame to see even more of our Naval heritage put so casually on the chopping block.

Those who haven’t served have no idea of what is being allowed to fade away.

Best regards, MK

Michael Kielty


0421 314 429

Parramatta Memorial Sub Section

Naval Association of Australia

[email protected]

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The following points are forwarded for information, and action where requested.

NAA website

Please be aware that the Naval Association website has been reactivated. The website was closed down for a short period due to a security issue involving the NAA National President, David Manolas. I have paraphrased below an email he has sent to NAA National Council members, in which he described how his identity was used by scammers in an unsuccessful attempt to illegally obtain prescriptions.

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The email below from Graham Thomas (NAA Victoria President) provides some information relating to new Veterans’ Entitlements legislation that is currently in draft form and has been released to the public for consultation. The email provides links to the draft legislation and other information on the DVA website. It also includes a media release from the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs,

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President’s Annual Report 2024

Good evening Members,

I hope this email find you well.

Please find attached the copy of my annal report that will be presented at the AGM tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting or online if you can make it.

Yours Aye

Bruce Richens


Parramatta Memorial Sub Section

Naval Association of Australia

Ph: 0423 487 064

Email: [email protected]

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HMAS Voyager 2024 Commemoration Service Invitation

Mr Brian Keilty,

Honorary Secretary,

Naval Association of Australia,

Parramatta Sub Section.

Please find attached and invitation for you and your President, Mr Bruce Richens to attend our 60th Anniversary HMAS Voyager Commemoration service at Rogers Park Woy Woy. This invitation is also extended to Mr Ken Heylbut whose membership is being transferred and I will leave it up to you to contact him if you could. If he has already relocated to the Central Coast and you have a contact details, would you please forward this on to me so I might make myself and our Sub Section known to him.

I apologise about the late invitation and as I explained by phone, I have been under considerable duress doing this almost single handed at present as most of our executive have medical issues. Please let me know who will attend ASAP, giving some disregard to RSVP date due to the late despatch of this invitation.

(The Naval Association, Central Coast Sub Section will be conducting our 2024 HMAS Voyager 60th anniversary Commemoration Service on February 10th 2024. The service will commence at 11 am at the HMAS Voyager / Jonathan Rogers Memorial after whom this park is named. It is located just off the Dunban Road Car Park and to the east of that amenities block at Rogers Park in Woy Woy. )

Kind Regards

Colin Wild

President and Acting Secretary

The Naval Association

Central Coast Sub Section.

Mob: 0418 299 983

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

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NHSA Newsletter

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Dear Honorary Secretary

We are pleased to advise that the February 2024 edition of Call the Hands and associated occasional papers are now available on the Society’s website.

All addresses can access Call the Hands via the website Research page.

This months occasional papers are available to members via the following links;
Occasional Paper 178, A Short History of Building 6
Occasional Paper 179, A Boiler Without a Ship

Occasional Paper 177,  Australia’s First Tennis Match is available to all.

Best wishes,
NHSA Publishing Team

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—–Original Message—–
To: [email protected]

Greetings All,

This signal comes from NSW Secretary providing information of general interest to all members. Please note that he has asked for some specific info (highlighted by me). Please send such info to me which I will collate and FWD to NSW Section office.


From: nswsecretary <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2024 9:56 AM
To: [email protected]





The attached document and the details below are forwarded for the information of NAA members.


White Ensign Magazine (WEM) – the most recent edition of the WEM (Blue Watch Issue 23/3) has been published. Hard copies have been posted to members and the digital version is on the NAA website. If you or any of your Sub-Section members who have nominated to receive a printed copy by post have not received the latest edition, can you please provide me with the names of those folk who did not receive it? I can check the Membership Register to determine if their preference for a hard copy is recorded, and I can liaise with the National Membership Registrar to ensure they are on the mailing list for the WEM.


DVA MATES program – Some NAA members might be aware that a legal firm is launching an investigation for a potential class action lawsuit against DVA. This is in relation to a supposed significant breach of privacy regarding sensitive medical and personal information of up to 300,000 veterans and their families. This information was shared with the University of SA as part of the DVA Medical Advice and Therapeutics Education Services (MATES) Program – which has been shut down. In response to this potential legal action, the Secretary of DVA, Ms Alison Frame, has published a statement on this matter (which is attached to this email). All members are encouraged to read this statement.


2024 ANZAC Day Sydney March and Battle of Coral Sea Service – you will be aware that I have ‘plugged’ these events before, but now that your Sub-Sections are resuming regular meetings and communications, I request that you ask members if they wish to attend two upcoming events:

  • The ANZAC Day March in Sydney’s CBD – the NAA NSW Section will have its own contingent in this activity.
  • The Battle of the Coral Sea Commemorative Service, to be held at the Cenotaph, Martin Place Sydney on Wednesday 8 May, commencing at 1045. The NSW Executive conducts this solemn service.


Can you please let me know if individual members or Sub-Section groups intend to attend either of these events, or if you need more information?



Bruce Kafer

Secretary / Membership Registrar

NSW Section

Naval Association of Australia

0439 784 088

nswsecre[email protected]

14 February 2024

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Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Free 12 Month Health and Fitness Program – Invitation to Register

—-Original Message—–
From: “Heart Heath” <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, 20 February, 2024 10:37
Subject: Department of Veterans’ Affairs – Free 12 Month Health and Fitness Program – Invitation to Register

Good Morning


You are receiving this email as you may be the person who distributes information to those members connected to your veteran service or support network. Your members may ­­­­have heard of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs free 12 month general health and fitness program called the ‘Heart Health Program’. We hope that you will distribute this information to your network so people can decide on whether this program may be useful. The program has been assisting participants improve or maintain their general health, fitness, and wellbeing for over 20 years.


Attached is a flyer you can send out to your members via email, as a newsletter attachment or as a poster.


DVA Heart Health Program for Returned Veterans & Peacekeepers & those covered by the ADF Firefighters Scheme

12 Months of Health coaching

Gym or Pool membership assistance available

Did you know the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) provides a free 12-month health and fitness program that can be delivered to returned Veterans and peacekeepers with operational service and those covered by the ADF firefighters scheme anywhere in the country? The program is flexible and able to accommodate participants living in metropolitan areas, regional or remote areas, those still working or retired, studying or with other time constraints.

Run on behalf of the DVA by Corporate Health Management (CHM), the program aims to help you increase your physical health and wellbeing through practical exercise support and 12 months of health coaching and advice on healthy lifestyle choices provided by one of our team of highly qualified allied health professionals.

Am I eligible?

Started 20 years ago for those returned from Vietnam, the Heart Health Program is free and now open to all returned veterans and peacekeepers with operational service and those covered by the ADF Firefighters Scheme who have not previously done the Heart Health Program before. To check your eligibility, visit


Individual Heart Health Program – How it works.

Each participant receives 12 months of healthy lifestyle coaching from a highly qualified and dedicated allied health professional via fortnightly health coaching calls with information and advice tailored to each individual’s health and fitness goals.  The health coach will use their extensive knowledge along with health surveys and food diaries to guide you through the program. The program covers a range of topics including:

  • setting healthy goals
  • nutrition and diet advice
  • advice on lowering alcohol consumption
  • developing better sleep patterns
  • stress management
  • managing diabetes
  • taking care of your body
  • managing your weight
  • and maintaining a healthy heart


Program Exercise Resource – Exercise how you like to

The program can provide an exercise resource to help participants to exercise the way they like to or provide an opportunity to try something that’s different than the usual. Resources can take the form of:

  • Assistance with the cost of a gym or pool membership or
  • Provide a piece of exercise equipment for use at home or
  • Provide assistance with accessing new exercise or training gear


Registering Your Interest

Registering your interest or checking eligibility is easy. Simply visit and follow the steps. Or please call the program phone number 1300 246 262 at any time to speak to one of our team.




Kind Regards


Heart Health Team – DVA Heart Health Program


Program proudly delivered on behalf of the DVA by:

CHM Corporate Health Management Pty Ltd

Toorak Place, 521 – 529 Toorak Road, Toorak VIC 3142

Direct: 1300 246 262

Email: [email protected]


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Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project – Event dates and National calendar *****ENROL- Volunteer or Support NOW! [SEC=OFFICIAL]

—–Original Message—–
From: “CSA.NSW.ACT” <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, 20 February, 2024 13:17
To: “CSA.NSW.ACT” <[email protected]>
Subject: Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project – Event dates and National calendar *****ENROL- Volunteer or Support NOW! [SEC=OFFICIAL]


To our NSW and ACT veteran and family community,


Please see the incredible events up and coming by Scott and the Saltwater Veterans’ crews in Sydney, Newcastle and nationally. By clicking on the link see how you can support/be involved either directly or indirectly.  




Stay Salty

Scott & Jen Reynolds
Co-Founders of
Saltwater Veterans, and
Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project

Scott +61 451 574 791 ⚓️ Jen +61 40 139 1984 | @instagram  | @facebook

Upcoming  | Shop SVSP Donations


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2024 Kokoda Trek with Invictus Australia – DVA NSW ACT Community Support on behalf of Invictus Australia [SEC=OFFICIAL]

—–Original Message—–
From: “CSA.NSW.ACT” <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, 20 February, 2024 17:00
Subject: 2024 Kokoda Trek with Invictus Australia – DVA NSW ACT Community Support on behalf of Invictus Australia [SEC=OFFICIAL]




Invictus Australia are calling for Expressions of Interest for participants to join ‘Team Veteran’ and complete the Kokoda Trek.


Trekking the 96 km Kokoda Track is a journey into the heart of Australian history. It offers a unique opportunity to comprehend the crucial role played by the Australian Defence Force during the Kokoda campaign. The words Courage, Endurance, Mateship, and Sacrifice represent the unbreakable spirit of the Australian soldiers who fought there. Walking the Kokoda Track provides a chance to comprehend these symbolic words fully and to take your reflections home with you.


The Kokoda Track holds a special place in the hearts of many Australians. With the support of Peak Learning Adventures, we are thrilled to offer this opportunity to our Invictus Australia community.




Invictus Australia will select up to 20 participants for the Trek – please note this is a self-funded opportunity.  Dates are 3rd to 14th July 2024.


An overview of the trek with Peak Learning Adventures will be provided on receipt of your Expression of Interest (EOI).





Click on this link and complete details to Register Kokoda Trek 2024 EOI with Invictus Australia Tickets, Wed 03/07/2024 at 7:00 pm | Eventbrite


For enquiries, please reach out to Jye Martyn at [email protected]


Please share this amazing opportunity with your respective communities.


Kind regards



Jye Martyn

Regional Manager, Veteran Engagement

(Northern NSW)

Invictus Australia
PO Box 304, BROADWAY NSW 2007

M:0488 454 688

[email protected]
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Rescheduling of FREE Stress Resilience Functioning courses for NSW Veterans (current & former serving ADF personnel) [SEC=OFFICIAL]

—–Original Message—–
From: “CSA.NSW.ACT” <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, 5 February, 2024 09:30
To: “CSA.NSW.ACT” <[email protected]>
Subject: Rescheduling of FREE Stress Resilience Functioning courses for NSW Veterans (current & former serving ADF personnel) [SEC=OFFICIAL]


Please find attached an information flyer on details on how you can register.


Please note: ALL sessions will now be delivered VIRTUALLY via Teams.


Week 1 Monday 8 April 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Week 2 Monday 15 April 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Week 3 Monday 22 April 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Week 4 Monday 29 April 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Week 5 Monday 6 May 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Week 6 Monday 13 May 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Week 7 Monday 20 May 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Week 8 Monday 27 May 6:30pm – 8:30pm


All further enquiries or queries please forward to Cath Allen



Cath Allen
Employment & Wellbeing Services Manager
M: 0458 822 899  | E: [email protected]
RSL LifeCare Limited
120 Pacific Highway
St Leonards NSW 2065
This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the individual named. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e‑mail.


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Emotional Regulation Information sessions- RSL LifeCare-Rescheduled times [SEC=OFFICIAL]

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Monday, 5 February, 2024 09:21
Subject: Emotional Regulation Information sessions- RSL LifeCare-Rescheduled times [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Please note: ALL sessions will now be delivered VIRTUALLY via Teams.

The new dates and times are:

Workshop 1
Tuesday 20 February
10am – 11:30am

Workshop 2
Tuesday 27 February
10am – 11:30am

Workshop 3
Tuesday 19 March
10am – 11:30am

Workshop 4
Tuesday 26 March
10am -11:30am

For any further questions or queries please contact Cath Allen

Cath Allen​​​​
Employment & Wellbeing Services Manager
M: 0458 822 899
E: [email protected]

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The Department of Veterans’ Affairs Feb/March Health & Wellbeing Update NSW & ACT [SEC=OFFICIAL]

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Tuesday, 30 January, 2024 13:34
Subject: The Department of Veterans’ Affairs Feb/March Health & Wellbeing Update NSW & ACT [SEC=OFFICIAL]

Greetings Community,

Please see the attached Feb/March Health and Wellbeing update and relevant attachments for your attention.

With thanks,

Community Support Advisory Team – NSW/ACT

Mental and Social Health Programs Branch | Program Delivery Division

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)

E: [email protected] W: W:

DVA General Enquiries: 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372)

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Ladies and Gents,

Please find attached the agendas and other documents for the next NAA NSW Section Quarterly and Annual General Meetings, to be held on Saturday 16 March 2024, commencing at 1100. I request that the attached material be forwarded to your delegate to the NSW Council.

You will see that one motion will be presented to the NSW Council at the QGM for consideration and decision. A copy of the motion is attached to this email.

The other attached documents are forwarded for consideration in the QGM’s General Business item regarding the NAA’s use of RAN emblems and the AWE.

The unconfirmed minutes of the previous AGM and QGM, held on 18 March and 4 November 2023 respectively, have been forwarded earlier with the Notice of Meeting.

A limited number of printed documents will be made available immediately prior to the meetings, so I ask that your Sub-Section delegates print whatever documents they wish to bring.

Please contact me if you or your delegates have any concerns about the March QGM and 2024 AGM.


Bruce Kafer

Secretary / Membership Registrar
NSW Section
Naval Association of Australia

0439 784 088
[email protected]

23 February 2024

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Welcome To NAAPM Notice Board

Welcome Members to the NAAPM Notice Board. Use the Update form above to add new content to the notice board. Summary text will publish immediatley, images and documents will be managed by Warren and may take a little longer to be updated.

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