Greetings All,

Please read through the request in this signal.

We all enjoy White Ensign Magazine, so pse comment. Members may or may not be aware that the single most expensive item provided for members is White Ensign Magazine. No comment is irrelevant, so pse say what you think about the journal – the sooner the better.

Comments to me – they will be consolidated and presented by your Delegate at the next NSW QGM.

Yours Aye, MK

Hon Sec


From: nswsecretary
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2024 8:46 AM


You will see in the email below from NSW Section President Keith Grimley that he is keen to obtain advice from NSW’s NAA members on the current contents, format and overall value of the White Ensign Magazine (WEM).

This will a topic of discussion at the NSW Council QGM on 4 May, therefore I request that it be raised at forthcoming Sub-Section meetings so that delegates to the NSW Council can provide feedback directly from their Sub-Section members.

Alternatively, for Sub-Sections that do not routinely have a presence at QGMs, and for members of the Sydney/Country Sub-Section, I ask that you provide comments to me. I will ensure that they are included in the feedback provided at the QGM.


Bruce Kafer

Secretary – NSW Section

Naval Association of Australia

0439 784 088

[email protected]